Gregory Pings

Manager, Content Marketing

Gregory Pings is the editor of the Xerox Connect blog, and a member of the editorial team for Xerox Global Digital Marketing. Greg is part of the team that helps you understand how Xerox is changing.

Ease of Use Relieves Complex Work Processes

By |Apr 28, 2017|

The innovative thinking behind ConnectKey technology; rethinking what a printer should do.

Xerox dealer turns expense into a profit center

By |Apr 22, 2017|

Why spend $125,000 a year to remove garbage when you can earn nearly $27,000 recycling it?

Can a Printer Make Your Business More Productive?

By |Apr 19, 2017|

Workplace trends expert Alexandra Levit reviews the VersaLink C405 multifunction printer.

ICYMI: ConnectKey launch will change how we work (again)

By |Mar 30, 2017|

An early roundup of news and opinions about ConnectKey technology.

Save the date: Xerox CEO to discuss the future of work

By |Mar 27, 2017|

Largest product launch in Xerox history will transform the way people work, connect and communicate.