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    Xerox ConnectKey: Our Biggest Technology Launch in 110 Years

Xerox ConnectKey: Our Biggest Technology Launch in 110 Years

By |Mar 29, 2017|

ConnectKey is a big, huge deal. Yes, it’s important to Xerox because it’s the largest technology launch in our company’s history. But it’s even more important to our customers, and to the future of work. Learn why.

Spreading the Love

By |Feb 14, 2017|

We’re seizing this day of love to say thank you – to our customers and partners, the lifeblood of our business. And to our employees all over the world who start and end each day with those customers and partners in mind.

40 years: then and now

By |Feb 2, 2017|

In 1977, Xerox released an iconic Super Bowl commercial. Today, we share a special anniversary version … with a modern day twist.

Set the Page Free – It’s what Xerox is all about

By |Jan 5, 2017|

Xerox has always been about ways to set the page free. Today, it’s a lens through which we convey the essence of the value that Xerox has always provided in the world.

New Year, New Xerox

By |Jan 3, 2017|

Today, Xerox is celebrating a new beginning – filled with pride and optimism.