My Life in 2050: A Networked Odyssey That Works

By |Aug 1, 2014|

Gazing into the crystal ball, a Xerox ethnographer describes a life that is tightly connected with unobtrusive digital assistants that offer us better support.

Cold Calling the Future: 5 Ways to Sell to a Millennial

By |Jul 24, 2014|

Millennials will be in decision-making roles within the next 10 years. Is your organization ready to sell to this new breed of managers?

Five Steps for Coping with Difficult People

By |Jul 22, 2014|

Your attitude toward cantankerous people really does make a difference. A 30-year Xerox veteran shares insights.

Home Runs Around the Globe: Xerox Scores Series of Awards

By |Jul 18, 2014|

Xerox’s trophy case runneth over. Some recent honors cite our leaders; others our company. Both ways, we have much news to share. This time: Xerox honors.

The Best in Their Quest: Awards Abound for Xerox Executives

By |Jul 11, 2014|

Sometimes, you just want to bask in the glory. Xerox leaders are receiving recognition for their achievements, so we’re exercising bragging rights.