Digging Out

Welcome to the land of the insane. Well maybe not insane but pretty close. As I hope you’ll find, this blog is to going to put words to the sentiment we all likely share…

There is just too much going on and not nearly enough time to keep up with it all.

As I sit here at my desk, I remember a commercial I saw years ago about Calgon. You know, that bubble bath stuff that tried to convince consumers that it would “take me away” from it all. Sure I am dating myself now. But man .. can I relate. Today alone I got 200 emails, was pinged with IMs by 20 different people all needing something right now, fielded at least 30 phone calls, waded through 7 presentations, read three magazines, four newspapers, and tried for more than an hour to find my desk under the volumes of papers that were dumped there for me to review. Just a typical day.

Now I am not sitting here trying to have a pity-party for myself. What is the point. I am not any different than anyone else out there these days.

As I see it — this idea of information overload isn’t about email (which is what we all gravitate towards and lament.) If all I had to do was manage my email — hey, I be sitting pretty. It is the piling on effect of all these different sources of information that has buried me and most everyone else in a glut of information.The funny thing is — I wouldn’t change a thing. I need this information to do my job. The challenge is dealing with it smarter. Finding tips and tricks to give me an leg up on the onslaught that will start again tomorrow. That is what this blog is going to be about. Sure, at times I am going to lament the fact I am basically overwhelmed. But what I hope to do is share some insights, pass along some smart thinking from others, and hopefully point out some information overload solutions that are in the market that might help you and me.

So check back often as I hope you’ll find some something useful for the taking — so we can all make strides to regain a piece of our sanity.

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