So I thought I’d share some facts before I get too far ahead of myself here and solve the epidemic known as information overload.

To be honest… I take comfort in these facts. They tell me I am not insane, not losing my mind, not alone. They also tell me knowledge is power. If that is the case — we have the power my friends.

For example, did you know that:

  • 42 percent of respondents to a 2007 Accenture survey said they accidentally use the wrong information at least once a week and 53 percent said that less than half of the information they receive is valuable.
  • According to a LexisNexis study earlier this year 62 percent of those surveyed say they spend a lot of time sifting thought irrelevant information to find what they are looking for and 68 percent said they wish they could spend more time working with the information they have versus trying to manage it all.
  • This year, IDC says that 281 exabytes of information will be created — five million times the information included in all the books ever written.

I could go on and on. So take heart. I know I do. You aren’t alone.