Becky Dziedzic on behalf of Mike Moeller

Mike is taking a brief hiatus from Information Sanity. But the conversation doesn’t have to stop – help us keep it going with your comments, and we’ll do our part by sharing insights from others who are passionate about the topic.  

To kick things off, check out Ashlee Vance’s blog at the New York Times from Oct. 7th. The post, and the person that commented on it, brings up a favorite topic of ours – one Mike hasn’t yet covered. The paperless office. We actually like to think of it as a “less-paper office.” Let’s face it, we’re Xerox, we’re not trying to get rid of paper altogether. We know you still like to save your receipts, we know you like a back-up copy of your healthcare forms, your bank statements, your legal documents, we know you still want to print your photos, we know direct mail campaigns can still generate twice the sales return of any other medium…and we still like to print it all. It’s still our core business.  

But more than that, it’s our business to make it easier to get work done. So, when a hospital can save 15 percent in operating costs by converting 75 percent of its patient paperwork to digital, we’re going to help them do that. But we’re also going to help a small business like Watson Realty in Florida affordably print color documents to stand out in the stack of mail sitting on the countertop of potential clients. 

Paperless Office? If you want. Less-Paper? Another step toward Information Sanity.