Back from the brink…

Hey everyone.  Yes.  I am finally back.  I have had to climb mountains and cross massive rivers of paper and data to do it, but I have survived.  Hope you all missed me….


In fact surviving is a pretty apt topic today, starting with a Cliff Notes version of the book “How to get through your daily work life and not drown” in the Xerox newsroom today, offering up some tidbits of advice for dealing with the business of work. 


All joking aside, Xerox actually has scientists that study how people do their jobs and how they use – or don’t use – technology throughout the day. They are called ethnographers and they’ve have been studying “work” for more than 30 years and it’s pretty cool stuff. Ultimately their findings help Xerox, our customers and our partners prepare for the future of work – and better develop new software, systems and services that actually make people be more productive. 


Now that you’ve seen their tips, why don’t you share some of yours? How do you make it through your daily dump of information?


Interested in more survival stories? I’d also suggest you take a trip around today and go to “Get Help” to check out some pretty solid examples of what Xerox has done for its customers to make them more productive as well.  Some cool cost savings things – which just might come in handy these days given the state of the economy.

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  1. Michael J January 4, 2009 - Reply

    Hi Mike,
    Just wanted to share something I found this AM. I think it’s pretty provocative.

    . . .information overload isn’t the problem . . . it’s really a failure of information filters.
    Do you think “information overload” is just another excuse for why folks aren’t getting things done? What kind of filters do you have in place to keep yourself from getting snowed under? Let us know in the comments.

    here’s the link (nice video)

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