Complaining about information overload feels odd these days.  But after three months of trying to buck up and deal – I just have to vent. 


You see – information overload was bad last year – but in the wake of layoffs happening throughout corporate America, the volume of incoming information has just gotten worse.  To say I am knee deep in “stuff” is a profound understatement.


That said, I don’t think my plight is a lot different than most people in the corporate world these days.  I bet a math wiz could create a formula that could calculate the ratio between the increase of information overload to every laid off employee.  I am sure it is directly proportional.  That said, and I am sure all of you agree – I’d rather be overloaded than unemployed these days.


So here is what I am going to do.  Rather than moan about the 10,000 things in my “inbox” or ask for some new technology that costs money, I am going to spend the next couple weeks trying out a few simple tricks using the technology I have in my office to see if I can get more efficient.  

And along the way I’ll report back to you what is working and what isn’t.