Gotta try harder

Now I know that last post I said I was going to focus on finding simple ways to get ore efficient – but there is just something I need to get off my chest first….


Attention Mr. and Ms. Marketing guru at the dozens of companies who fill my mailbox every day – you have got to try harder.


You see – sending me the same catalogue and Val-Packs you send my next door neighbor doesn’t cut it anymore.  Gone are the days when I have the time or the interest in flipping through the same spring catalogue I got two years ago.  With the economy the way it is – I am hording all the cash I can.  If someone is going to pry the dollars from my hands, you are going to have to entice me with something specific.


Last Friday I just had to laugh.  On the way to the mailbox at the curb, I saw my next door neighbor.  As we both opened our mailboxes – we joked about how we both were getting the same outdoor furniture and clothing catalogues and the same coupons for 20% off our next visit to a particular store.  The reason we laughed:  he is 78-years old.  I am just about 40.  Do you think we have the same tastes in shirts at this point in our lives?


But I did get one thing that my buddy next door didn’t over the weekend, and this is my point: A local sporting goods store flyer was in my mailbox saying that last year I had a purchased some lacrosse gear for my son and given how fast kids grow – would I be needing anything for the upcoming season.


Simple, professional marketing flyer with a personalized note incorporated in the text.  To me that is customer service.  And you know what – I am going to one night this week be popping into his store with my son and a small wad of cash I pulled from under the bed.


Just goes to show you what a little effort will do these days…

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