Information Overload.  It just seems to be an everyday part of life lately.  And those that complain about the challenges IO presents need to get over it and move on.  Popular perception is that there is no solution to this problem.


Well.  As you have likely seen from my previous posts – I tend to disagree.  Just getting over it isn’t going to help and frankly if we keep at this pace of trying to share more and more information — things are going to break.  This past week, I joined up with a group of others that think the tech industry itself needs to band together to come up with some a solution before we reach our breaking point.  That group is IORG ( 


While the group is in its early stages, what most impresses me about IORG is that they are making the effort to figure out the solution from a cross industry perspective.   How do we keep some notion of sanity in an environment that is just crazed.  While I have only just now joined the board as the VP of Marketing – I’d encourage you to stay tuned this fall as we gear up for a conference in Palo Alto to discuss just how we go about slaying the preverbal windmill called Information Overload.


Separately — for a few yucks – you should check out the new videos we created at Xerox on the challenges of information overload.  I am sure you can identify with some, if not all, of the side effects caused by trying to process too much information.