·         Each year the amount of information created in the enterprise, paper and digital combined, grows faster than 65%.

·         Non-productive information work, such as reformatting documents or reentering documents into computers, consumed more than $1.5 trillion in U.S. salaries last year.

·         Survey respondents spend as much as 26% of their time trying to manage information overload.

·         Respondents split their time evenly between dealing with paper and digital information, but 71% prefer to deal with digital information.

·         The amount of time U.S. information workers spent last year managing paper-driven information overload cost $460 billion in salaries.

·         Reducing the time wasted dealing with information overload by 15% could save a company with 500 employees more than $2 million a year.


Sure, we poked fun and came up with a fake illness called IOS. 


But when you look at these stats — Wow.  Maybe there is more truth in our humor than meets the eye.  These stats say just about everything there is to say about the cost and challenges of information overload and the price we as knowledge workers are paying on a daily basis.


I can’t take credit for coming up with all this research.  It’s all IDC’s work.  Today on this site, we are publishing a pretty comprehensive white paper that Xerox commissioned IDC to work on.  What is contained in the 12 page report are some great insights into the problem, but also some solid suggestions on what to do about it and where to start if you are serious about fixing the problem.


So take a few minutes and check it out.