Newsflash!!!  The US Congress is not immune to information overload.  Maybe that is why it seems like it takes forever and day for anything to get done on Capitol Hill.  Well, I am sure there are a few other reasons out there as well, but according to this article in Mashable, a study in the National Journal found that the crush of incoming and ever changing information is a huge issue facing members of Congress. 

Perhaps our elected officials (or their staffers) should take some time out in a couple weeks to attend the online conference being hosted by Basex around Information Overload Awareness Day on Aug. 12th.  While I don’t think the cure to information overload will be created at the online conference, there is a healthy list of experts coming together to share ideas and best practices including the end customers such as Dow Jones, Morgan Stanley, and a CIO from the US Air Force. Check out the agenda at

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