Have Yourself Some Managed Print Services…

— Submitted by Tim Mousaw, Associate Software Engineer, Xerox

Yesterday was not my typical day as a software engineer. My friend in the public relations department called and asked for help on a fun project and the next thing I knew I was singing not one…not two…but THREE holiday parodies on managed print services (MPS) to the tune of three classic carols. We sang our little Xerox hearts out about saving paper, time and money, new business and green business. We even came up with some choreography, and yes, we wore Santa hats! It doesn’t get any better than that…okay maybe it does if we could actually sing. But hey, it was fun and we were all really caught up in the holiday spirit!

You can join the fun too – if you have better lyrics or jingle ideas on MPS, add them in the comment section of the blog and who knows, maybe we’ll be singing yours next!

At the very least, share this little number with your boss and spread the MPS cheer!

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— Tim Mousaw, Associate Software Engineer, Xerox

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