The Paperless Payoff: Content Management Works for NYC Department of Finance

— Submitted by: Melinda Stoker, Director, Marketing Communications DocuShare

Tis the season for gift giving, so I thought I’d offer a tip to those in the public sector still looking for new ways to save money next year:   Start with your paperwork. By taming your documentation demons and reducing or eliminating paper, you gain significant savings of time and money. More importantly, you’ll improve customer service turnaround times from days to minutes.

Seem too easy? Check out how well it worked for the New York City Department of Finance in the December cover story of Integrated Solutions magazine. As you might guess, the NYCDF manages hundreds of thousands of paper documents – everything from property and business taxes to nearly 1,000 bail cases each week.  The department spent $60,000 per month on a gigantic file storage warehouse in addition to spending more than $7,000 per month on paper and toner.

With Xerox’s help everything is now scanned into specific Docushare collections directly from a multifunction device – and just like that — customer service and productivity skyrocketed while costs took a big dip.

— Melinda Stoker, Director, Marketing Communications DocuShare

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