At Xerox A Truly Diverse Workforce

— Submitted by Elissa Nesbitt, Xerox public relations

Our history has contributed to who we are today, and at Xerox, we are proud to be champions of diversity.  By working hard to create an atmosphere where different ways of thinking are promoted, we believe we have gained a competitive edge and are a better company for it.    Now more than ever, when the world is at once both global and local, business is better served if its people are the best and the brightest AND the most diverse in thought.   In Xerox’s annual Report on Citizenship, the company calls attention to diversity in this way: Through a comprehensive set of employee-focused initiatives  we promote diversity by nurturing a culture of inclusion and opportunity, and through measurable actions.

Different backgrounds yield differing points of view.  We’ve seen firsthand how a diverse workforce is more creative, more dynamic, open to new ideas and challenging of the status quo. Xerox’s chief diversity officer, Phil Harlow explains that companies interested in fostering creativity and innovation  need to be vigilant in searching for diverse talent.163px-Npr_logo.svg

In fact, NPR just published two stories outlining diversity in the US workplace, and the fact that “companies still have a long way to go” despite the dramatic gains in recent years.  Although we have focused on a diverse workforce for decades, we never think the job is done.  One can argue that without such a keen eye on the ball, our business would suffer; and homogeneous thinking would hamper our efforts to break out new innovations and competitive products.

At Xerox, our differences are celebrated, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

—  Elissa Nesbitt, Xerox public relations

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