‘Xerox Real Business Radio’ Debuts on blogtalkradio.com

— Submitted by Karen Arena, Xerox public relations consultant

I’ve always thought it was a great asset for Xerox corporate communications to claim its share of former journalists as employees.  It’s an insider’s advantage to knit the stories that help shape press coverage.   This continues to be a significant part of the job, but now more than ever, Xerox is creating original content to reach customers and stakeholders directly through new media like this blog, user-generated video and micro-blogging.*  With a crop of ex-reporters on hand to hold the camera, the microphone and write the copy, their work and “dulcet” voices become another business advantage for Xerox in the marketplace.

The latest case-in-point is Xerox’s venture into Internet radio. blogtalkradio-logo Just this week, Xerox launched a show on the wildly popular blogtalkradio.com called Xerox Real Business Radio.  Listen to Xerox’s Bob Wagner, a former television correspondent and currently in charge of the company’s analyst relations, talk with Tom Blodgett, COO of Commercial Operations at ACS, A Xerox Company and Jim Firestone, president of Corporate Operations at Xerox as they discuss the recent acquisition of ACS and provide details on the merger’s  advantages.   As Bob puts it, “A combination that will be very hard to beat in the marketplace.”*


So, I hope you continue this journey into new frontiers with the company’s seasoned former journalists and, to use a dated term, “dial-in” to Xerox Real Business Radio for news, tips and insights with Xerox executives, customers and business thought-leaders.

— Karen Arena, Xerox public relations consultant

*Updated November 21, 2017.

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  1. Laurie Riedman February 22, 2010 - Reply

    Thanks Karen. I’ll check it out for sure!

  2. Karen Arena February 22, 2010 - Reply

    Thanks Laurie, and you can always find it in the right column of this blog!

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