— Submitted by Nick Stevenson, Xerox product manager

Another Super Bowl in the books and it appears that Peyton Manning’s offense hit a bottleneck with the New Orleans Saints’ defense. The Colts’ trouble on Sunday made me think of the many offices large and small that often get blocked when it comes to printing. It can seem impossible for print jobs to push through the other jobs in the queue that might be held up because of lack of resources. Like when faced with a great defense, the offense must go around, not through them.

To avoid bottlenecks in the office, Xerox offers a “Print Around” feature on its WorkCentre multifunction printers (MFPs) so that print jobs in the queue are not held up because of others that need resources such as a different paper size. From playbooks to presentations, Print Around makes sure that you have the right printing game plan by guaranteeing that prints aren’t being held captive at your MFP.

I decided to have a little fun a few weeks ago with this analogy and created a two-part video series to show the Print Around technology in action.  We had a blast putting them together and loved being able to bring out our inner football players at work – I hope you enjoy them too.

— Nick Stevenson, Xerox product manager