Did You Know? There’s still an area of your business where you can save money

– Submitted by Falynne Smith, public relations manager, Xerox

At this point it probably feels like your business has pinched every last penny. Maybe not. Could you save by better managing something that’s sitting on your desk right now?  I am talking about documents.

You may know that documents touch every corner of your business, but Did You Know that if you have 500 employees you may be spending as much as $260,000 per year printing those documents? Did You Know that most companies underestimate their print spend by 30-40 percent? Did You Know that in one corporation, the average office worker spends 250-400 hours per year on unnecessary print related issues?

Did You Know this video highlights what you may be missing? The opportunity to pinch more pennies, increase employee productivity and meet environmental sustainability goals – by simply leveraging investments you’ve already made in your print infrastructure. Check it out, and then check out Enterprise Print Services.

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– Falynne Smith, public relations manager, Xerox

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