Are Environmental Goals Core to Your Company’s Business Strategy?

Xerox’s vice president of  environment, health and safety, Patricia Calkins talks with Andrew Winston, book author and leading expert on sustainable business about the value of companies incorporating green practices within their business strategy.   They agree that companies  employing environmental practices will lower costs systematically, and as Winston puts it, “Using less stuff is at the core of what we’re talking about.”

Both stress that the environment is not separate from the business, but rather, it’s all about where businesses assign capital.   Calkins notes that companies should start with quick wins and show
“what’s good for the environment is good for bottom line.”  She notes that Xerox has realized other values and benefits to a green strategy beyond cost savings, like brand reputation and employee retention.

Winston adds that bringing the environment to a company’s core strategy will change the way companies make decisions, and notes that for some companies, it could be culturally hard to shift, but if the focus is on customers, “you’ll be down the path before you know it.”

Xerox is a pioneer in making sound environmental decisions for its own operations, and by delivering products and services this way, it helps clients meet their own environmental goals.

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