Real Business at the Beach

It turns out that real business really can be conducted on a golf course.  I’m not a golfer myself so I’ve always been a bit skeptical of the 18-hole business meetings. But this week may turn me into a believer.  It helps that the tee time is at Pebble Beach, one of the world’s best-known courses.  It also helps that it’s the site of this year’s U.S. Open Championship

But, more important, it’s where we’ll be hosting a number of significant Xerox Real Business Live! meetings with customers, prospects and partners from around the world.  Sure the ocean-side fairways and cool coastal breezes are quite a draw — not to mention the action on the greens. But there is action off the course as well as we tee up our Partner Conference for dozens of Xerox’s valuable selling partners to recognize their achievements and strategize growth opportunities. Then, we’ll host our High Tech CIO Advisory Council Meeting — a gathering of the minds to discuss future tends in IT. We’ll also present a Real Business Live! that focuses on a subject near and dear to Xerox: optimizing print. That’s a business buzz-phrase for reducing the cost of printing.  And, we’re saving some of the California sun for a meeting with customers and prospects about growth in IT services. It’s a big focus area for Xerox, especially with the added capabilities from our acquisition of ACS.

A highlight of the week for me will be meeting with our customers and partners from emerging markets in South America, the Caribbean, and Russia for what will likely be a lively discussion on our brand and marketing activities.  It’s always an engaging — never shy — group that asks great questions and gets us thinking differently about our brand in global markets.

Oh yea, then there’s that tournament happening too.  In our world this week, that’s how some real business really will get done.

— Christa Carone, chief marketing officer

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