“So What Does It All Mean?”

-Submitted by Breanna Banford, Xerox communications intern

Not too long ago, I was on my laptop wondering where I will be in ten years. That got me thinking… where will the rest of humanity be in ten years? With all the technological shifts in the last decade, where could it possibly go from here? It’s a daunting thought. Already the world has been exposed to the amazing resource that is the internet, changing the way the people and businesses interact.

Now, there is so much information on the internet. Most people are still trying to catch up with these changes, myself included. Daily, we’re bombarded with a tremendous amount of information. Most of the time we don’t know how to deal with it. Ray Kurzweil, an inventor and futurist said, “A successful person isn’t necessarily better than her less successful peers at solving problems; her pattern-recognition facilities have just learned what problems are worth solving.” And, it’s true! With all the information out there it’s become a necessity to pick and choose what you need to deal with because there’s no chance you have the time to do it all. The bottom line is we have to sort through the clutter and prioritize in order to do our jobs. It’s going to be more helpful to utilize the virtual resources we have, specifically social media.

I watched a YouTube video titled “Social Media Revolution” that talks about the technology and virtual developments that have occurred in the past few decades. The majority of the transitions mentioned in the video are media related, which in turn, has affected a wide range of companies. One thing that’s obvious is that social media forums are taking the internet world by storm. The sites, like Facebook, Twitter,* YouTube, LinkedIn, etc., were developed less than a decade ago and were instant sensations. As a result, the way companies do business through marketing, advertising and public relations has changed, and it seemingly happened overnight. Social networks have had an overwhelming influence on our way of life. As a result, major corporations have jumped on the social media bandwagon, without knowing what they were doing or how it was benefiting them. We’re approaching a time when computers will be able to sort through the internet clutter and give us exactly what we want, without junk and spam. Like many companies, Xerox realizes it needs to adapt to these changes. Constant research is necessary in order to keep up with all the changes. Innovative ideas drive Xerox research. At the same time, Xerox wants to be aware of what our customers are saying – It’s our job to listen. Just as the video said, it’s a revolution. We’re all shifting to this new realm to reinvent our business and we’re catching up and catching on.

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*Updated November 21, 2017.

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  1. Ken July 22, 2010 - Reply


    An excellent post with awesome insights. You hit it right on the head. There is a definitive revolution happening right in front of our very eyes that is indeed changing the face of how companies will conduct business. I read recently that the ROI of incorporating Internet marketing will be that your company will still be around in five years. I believe in this whole heartedly, and as a fellow Xerox employee, our Agency is doing everything possible to stay as up-to-date with our internet marketing strategy.

    We are in fact in a revolution, but I think that we are just in the first third of it. By this I mean that there are people in my generation (I am 26) that get the concept of what the Internet can and will do for business, however older generations seem to be out of touch with the Internet’s endless possibilities. I have been witness, unfortunately, to other Agency’s unwillingness to address this shift in marketing and continue to discredit the Internet’s influence. As a result, they are stuck in the ways of the past, or with “outbound” marketing tactics that are based on intrusive styles of cold calling, “blitzing” businesses, trade shows, and direct mail blasts. The revolution in marketing we are living through is permission based, or “inbound,” and requires a company to provide information to current and potential customers to seek out at their leisure. Blogging, Social Media, and any other opt-in form of content production is the new way of reaching potential customers.

    The middle portion of this revolution that we are at presently requires a company to blend the old ways of outbound marketing with the new ideas that are inbound marketing. By creating this dichotomy, older generations are not as quick to dismiss permission based marketing, and inbound marketing platforms are given the chance to perform and grow. I think that it is my generation’s job to find some form of harmony between these two marketing styles and take with us the best practices to implement once we reach the other side of the revolution.

    Thanks for the post. Perhaps you would like to submit a guest post on our blog in the near future? Feel free to send me an email if you are interested: ken at office automation inc dot com.

    Ken Mears
    VP Internet Marketing
    Office Automation of Gainesville, Inc

  2. Breanna Banford July 26, 2010 - Reply

    Thanks, Ken.

    I agree with the generation gap (slightly). Sometimes it is harder to get people involved in social media ventures when they don’t already participate on a personal level. But slowly, the public and customers are responding to major corporations and businesses reaching them on that personal level.

    Going off your statement, “Blogging, Social Media, and any other opt-in form of content production is the new way of reaching potential customers,” I think everyone will soon realize the great opportunities that arise from building a personal relationship – now one-on-one – with their current and potential customers. This progression will keep them on top of the changes, and soon, ahead of their competitors.

    Like I said in my original post, the sooner we jump on the social media bandwagon, the easier it will be to assimilate and grow with the ever-changing market. In a lot of ways, social media marketing is blending with company business practices to create a whole new world of opportunities for business and customer interaction.

    -submitted by Breanna Banford, Xerox communications intern

  3. Zenia Mainello August 6, 2010 - Reply

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