The “smarts” to sort millions of documents

Xerox recently reported its 2nd quarter earnings…which were quite good.  But looking beyond the positive headlines can help reveal how the company is changing. A major part of the earnings discussion focused on how well is Xerox integrating its acquisition of ACS. Xerox, is now the world’s largest provider for business process and document management.  This means that Xerox is sorting through millions of documents every single day and finding ways to help customers save money and change their business process.

In a call with analysts, Xerox CEO Ursula Burns discussed how Xerox innovation is being applied to the business processing world.  She told analysts: “For the past couple of years we’ve been calling the research in our lab smarter document technologies. It’s the software and data recognition tools that turn static information into more dynamic data.

With ACS’ offerings our innovation is creating more automation and less paperwork, meaning faster transactions and simpler business processes. We’re starting to embed these technologies across ACS capturing savings along the way and a stronger return on our innovation investments.”

ACS’s expertise includes managing and automating paper-based work processes and providing services that include processing over 1 million credit card applications each year or handling more than 1 million phone calls each day in its 140 customer care centers.

So what Ursula is saying, is that we are finding new applications for some of the exciting technologies coming out of the Xerox Research Centre Europe, where we have developed such technologies as categorizing software to eliminate some of the time consuming human process of sorting documents.  One example is the work we are doing to create the Digital Mailroom, which captures and classifies all information entering an organization, then routes it to the appropriate department.

It is exciting to see the these technologies of the future being applied today and there are more to come, stay tuned for more detail and how we are sorting information at lightening speed- with the end result — finding ways for clients to focus on what they do best: their real business.

– Bill McKee  @xeroxprguy

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