Submitted by Brian Samuelson, Xerox’s traveling “roadie” blogger

Before I start, let me introduce myself. I’m Brian Samuelson, Xerox’s traveling “roadie” blogger. Which pretty much means, where the tour busses go, I go. And if you follow my blog, you can tag along too.

Brian Samuelson

Brian Samuelson

I’m sure we can all agree that environmental sustainability is important – so that the earth can have as much staying power as Sting. He’s been selling out venues for over 30 years! Sharing a passion for sustainability makes the Xerox/Sting partnership make perfect sense.

Beginning with the creation of the two-sided copier, Xerox has been a leader in developing technology with a focus on environmental sustainability. Helping to charter the Energy Star Program, solid ink printing that cuts down on cost and waste, and Xerox DocuShare are all efforts to maintain our sustainability goals.

Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, created the Rainforest Fund to protect the rainforests and people living there. Since 1991 Sting, along with scores of other musicians ranging from Billy Joel to Lady Gaga have been putting on benefit concerts to raise funds & awareness for the cause. Xerox is also a supporter of the Rainforest Fund.

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