— Submitted by Rohail Khan, executive managing director, Total Benefits Outsourcing, ACS, A Xerox Company.

The human resources services sector is in the middle of a series of dramatic developments – consolidation of providers, new offerings, rapidly shifting market trends – and last week ACS, a Xerox Company, added to this mix with the completed acquisition of ExcellerateHRO. While it wasn’t the first acquisition in the HR services space, and it won’t be the last, it is the one deal that offers organizations the most value.

Why? It creates an HR “super store” – employees get the convenience of doing business with a single benefits provider and employers have one place to go in order to get answers and action.

XeroxACSlogo1An entity working with ACS gets a one stop shop for benefits administration, consulting and relocation services – ensuring their employees’ benefits will be fully integrated and better coordinated when delivered from the same services provider.

Recent HR services acquisitions have changed the playing field. As our competitors focus on shrinking services to achieve greater profit margins, ACS continues to GROW our offerings, and provide personalized attention with an expanded range of customized solutions.

By sharing a joint culture and vision with both our direct clients, and the employees at their companies, we’re able to provide superior service. While our business delivery units may have different names (ACS, ExcellerateHRO, Buck Consultants,) we all share the same culture and vision: providing clients the freedom to focus on what matters most, their real business.

Since the acquisition of ACS by Xerox, our HR services are set apart from others in the market. No other HR services provider has the resources, innovation and technology backing them, as we do through Xerox. And now, with the addition of ExcellerateHRO, we are a leader in worldwide HR services, and are one of the largest third-party pension administrators – so welcome ExcellerateHRO!

Rohail Khan, executive managing director, Total Benefits Outsourcing, ACS, A Xerox Company

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