– submitted by Laurie Riedman, Xerox public relations consultant

Ok. I admit it.  I have a problem with my inbox.

It’s normal for me to have thousands of emails in my inbox – often staring at me in bold type and unread ;(

I simply can’t keep up with the flow of information. Much of it is essential – -and for the most part I do keep up with the critical ones — (emails from clients and journalists) – but with all the RSS feeds, technology blogs, Google Alerts and e-zine notifications coming in – I do get a tad behind.

That doesn’t include those great special offers (with valuable promo codes for free shipping) and all the important personal from my kids’ schools, coaches, music lessons, girl scouts or the many non-profit organizations I am involved in.  Oh, and let’s not forget the spam with the foreign language subject lines!email_bulge

I try to keep up.   I really do!

In fact this week during a recent 14 hour drive with my family I went delete crazy and whittled down the ‘ol inbox from over 10,000 emails to just fewer than 2,000.  I’m guessing that even David Allen from Getting Things Done fame would be proud.

I’ve tried a number of tools, watched countless online tutorials and even begged my very organized husband to help. (Sorry Rich but the elaborate color coding system didn’t work either — but it did brighten up my inbox!)

You would think I could get one of my Xerox scientist friends to help me. As a PR consultant to the Xerox Innovation Group – I work with folks like Frederique Segond from Xerox Research Centre Europe who develops technology that helps customers make sense of their electronic information. Come to think of it I bet I wrote the press release on these tips from a Xerox Future of Work study a group of ethnographers did at Xerox Research Center Webster on how to handle Information Overload

Xerox has teams of talented folks creating innovative services that help customers tame their information and document management issues so they can get down to their real business at hand.

I guess I have to keep at it.  The information flow certainly isn’t going to stop.  If you have found a way to tame your inbox – please share your tips.  I can use all the help I can get!