Employees Happy to Have Xerox as Partner Too

– submitted by Karen Arena, Xerox public relations consultant, @arenak

Today is a big day for Xerox; it’s the launch of the company’s ad campaign, Ready for Real Business.  Well, I can say first hand that the PR teams have been working hard to get the word out about the new Xerox ads that will run through the end of the year and beyond. Xerox and P&G Print Ad

Xerox’s core business is to partner with businesses and manage their back office technology and services so companies have the freedom to focus on their own business.  Young & Rubicam created a campaign to communicate that message in ways much different from other B2B advertising.

It’s fun; unique ads that imagine what businesses would be like if their focus shifted from what they do best.  Like, if Mr. Clean has to run P&G’s print operations while sparkling our kitchens.  If Bullseye, the Target dog, was responsible for customizing Target’s direct mail programs?  If a Marriott bellman also needed to process the hotel and resorts 11 million annual invoices.

As I look back on the heavy lifting in preparation for this campaign, my inbox was quickly inundated with press releases, briefing sheets, photos, videos and the like.  Suddenly, I felt like I was that bellman, and glad indeed that I too had Xerox behind-the-scenes.  It was useful to have at our fingertips some of the tools to keep the process moving and most importantly organized, like Xerox’s DocuShare. So, not only are Xerox customers happy to have Xerox by their side, sometimes the company’s employees are too!  Check out the new website, RealBusiness.com and the supporting PR materials at http://bit.ly/bap129Xerox-and-Target-Print-Ad-c

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