Submitted by Brian Samuelson, Xerox’s traveling “roadie” blogger

Since my last blog I have packed up my bags, dusted off my passport, and flew across the Atlantic Ocean to join the EU leg of the Sting Symphonicity tour. Xerox is still behind the scenes on the tour making sure all printing and document management is top notch.

We had about one monPosterth off between the North America Tour and the European tour. Besides visiting with family, this time was spent completing a lot of prep work before heading to the EU. At the end of July, when we wrapped up the tour, the crew ” cross-loaded” all the gear into a couple semi- tractor trailer trucks. These were then put on a ship over to Europe.

This life size banner of Sting is just one example of the kinds of signage we have on-site at every concert. This particular banner was used at each stop on the U.S. tour, and was shipped to the EU for the rest of the tour.

Setup for these shows can be challenging.  Check out what Mike, the production manager at the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, Demark has to say about setting up a modern show in a theatre that is over 240 years old!