Give Me A Minute…

– Submitted by Chris Gilligan, ACS corporate communications manager

In this crazy hectic world we all live in, time is a valuable commodity. We have fast food restaurants, automatic bill pay for our monthly bills and instant coffee just to name a few time saving inventions that “buy” us more hours in our day, or at least let us get more done.

What I hate more then just about anything, though, is wasting time. Whether it’s sitting in an unproductive meeting or getting caught by a chatty neighbor, I can just feel the minutes slipping by, giving me less time to get things accomplished. The worst way to waste time in my opinion is waiting in line.

Even the most talented multi-tasker, can only do so much while waiting in line. These snippets of time are usually in a series of small doses, but add up to giant time loss: waiting in line at the grocery store or waiting to hop on public transit for example.

ACS, a Xerox Company, has ways to give people some time back in their day. Using smart card technology, people wanting to board public transportation can do so quickly and easily with a wave of a card, contactless ticketing as they say in the transportation industry, and pay their fare in seconds and whisk through the process.

Transit riders in the Regional Transportation District (RTD) of Denver and Lima’s Bus Rapid Transit line “Metropolitano” will notice a faster, more efficient and green experience as the city implements this advanced fare payment system. In Peru, ACS is also using fleet management tools, which include a Computer-Aided Dispatch/Automatic Vehicle Location (CAD/AVL) system, which helps waiting passengers know, in real-time, when the next bus will arrive. That information lets you know exactly how much time you have to finish that e-mail, end that call or to just sit and catch your breath for a minute.

ACS is the largest provider of public transportation technology services worldwide, supporting governments in 30 countries. The company’s Transportation Solutions Group provides support ranging from fare collection on various bus and rail routes and processing more than a million public transport tickets daily to toll solutions on some of the busiest highways by processing more than three billion tolls every year. ACS enables its clients to address traffic and congestion challenges by deploying end-to-end technology solutions that advance the movement of goods and services as well as millions of people every day.

The next time you’re stuck in line somewhere think how nice it would be if ACS was in charge and could speed the process up, so you could pay faster and get back to focusing on what really matters in your life.

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