Improving Firefighter Safety with an IPad. There’s now an App for that, thanks to ACS

— Submitted by Joe Doherty, Executive Vice President and Group President ACS Government Solutions

In the time since ACS became a Xerox Company, you’ve probably learned a lot about the wide variety of innovative solutions that ACS provides to government clients to help them be more efficient.

Here’s one very impressive solution you may not have heard about yet: ACS is the country’s leading provider of fire and EMS software, called FIREHOUSE. We support more than 15,000 FIREHOUSE client partners in the U.S. along with Department of Defense installations around the world.

Ipad Firehouse Inspector Application
Ipad Firehouse Inspector Application

For fire and EMS agencies, FIREHOUSE software improves operations by helping keep better records and manage critical information, so firefighters and first responders can focus on their mission of keeping our families safe.

We have an exciting development on the FIREHOUSE front to tell you about. This week is the debut of FHinspector, a first-of-its-kind application for the Apple iPad designed to improve the quality and efficiency of fire inspections. With FHinspector, all of the information a fire inspector gathers, such as building details, evacuation routes and locations of fire hydrants, is entered into the iPad and linked to the device’s GPS, associated with inspection information from nearby buildings and made available—in real time—to other users within the agency.

Think about that for a minute: if a fire or EMS crew is dispatched to the building, the inspection information is on their iPad, giving them instant access to critical data. In an emergency situation when seconds can make a difference, this is a tool that can have a positive impact on public safety.

There are many more benefits to talk about and you can learn more here. We’re proud of this new solution and it’s a great example of what ACS does every day– helping governments be more efficient through innovation and making sure they benefit from the most up-to-date tools available.

Joe Doherty, Executive Vice President and Group President ACS Government Solutions

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