— Submitted by:  Amy Kearns, Manager of Consumable Returns Processes & Strategy, Xerox

At  Xerox, we have set a goal to REDUCE  to zero the waste generated by Xerox products.  We do it by designing with the environment in mind.  An example of this is our Solid Ink products.  We also do it by utilizing extended life components, and then by reusing components via remanufacturing.   If components cannot be reused, our last alternative is to recycle the used components.

Almost 2 years ago, I embarked upon the journey of “shoring up” the recycling aspect of our Zero Waste to landfill approach.   Very quickly I uncovered aspects of the customer return process  that needed improvement , and huge costs associated with managing returns.   I put on my Lean Six Sigma Black Belt hat and jumped into several projects.

Today,  I’m happy to announce that Xerox brings to our customers a much-improved returns experience as well as a more environmental and financially sound  returns and recovery process for used imaging supplies.

We’re providing our customers with a number of website enhancements that significantly simplify and improve the customer experience.  Customers can access the Xerox Green World Alliance recycling website at www.xerox.com/gwa and select from three different return methods, 1) the single item return program, 2) bulk returns on a pallet, or 3) our newest form of return, the Eco Box.EcoBox_2010

The Xerox Eco Box is a brand new program brought to our attention by our partners in Europe.  Customers may order kits of three boxes each at no cost, bundle items together in the box, download a pre-paid label, and return them to our new returns partner Close the Loop.

Close the Loop  is a company, like Xerox, dedicated to Zero Waste to Landfill recycling.  The company is taking  cartridges that Xerox cannot reuse, and through its patented recycling process, separating cartridges into plastics, toner powder, metals, and other materials, then cleansing and processing them for return to the market as raw materials or new products.

I invite you to explore all the new changes to our returns and recycling program at  www.xerox.com/gwa and I welcome your thoughts and ideas!

— Amy Kearns, Manager of Consumable Returns Processes & Strategy, Xerox