Lean Six Sigma takes on…Justin Bieber?

– Submitted by: Aqua Porter, vice president, Corporate Lean Six Sigma Strategy

If I had it my way I’d be writing about Lady Gaga, but I have to admit – when Justin Bieber and Six Sigma turned up in the same Google Alert, I was just as intrigued. It turns out that Justin Bieber has some competition – and it isn’t another teen heartthrob.

The author of the article, Pete Abilla, was on a mission to gather data about search trends by region. He used Google Trends to put Six Sigma against the platinum-record-selling teen idol, determining that Six Sigma takes the win in India. He also shows us that the two search terms are competitively close in both Hong Kong and Pakistan, but the term Six Sigma doesn’t have a chance against Justin Bieber in the United States, Malaysia or the Philippines.

So what does this all mean? The results pulled from Google Trends suggest that search terms are a good indicator of the consciousness of country when it comes to understanding Six Sigma, putting India at the top of ranks and the United States comfortably in the middle among those with an average to high interest.

I certainly found it interesting how the popularity of Lean Six Sigma was compared to that of a teenage pop star. What are your thoughts on this unlikely comparison and how closely do you feel that it represents the Six Sigma community?

Click here to see the full article on Shmula.com.

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  3. Emilia Bergstedt August 13, 2011 - Reply

    Awesome, thanks!

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