Do What You Do Best – A Parking Lesson from Indianapolis

Chris Gilligan, ACS public relations manager

Warren Buffett is one of the richest people in America. He got that way by investing wisely. He often says he only invests in what he knows or understands. By doing his homework and doing what he did best, he is a very successful businessman.

That lesson holds true not just for investors but all individuals, businesses and governments.

At ACS, A Xerox Company, we are experts in making improving processes and services so organizations can focus on what really matters to them – their business. Just look at what ACS is doing for the City of Indianapolis.

Indianapolis wanted to improve its parking operations, raise more revenue for the city and make life easier for residents and visitors who go downtown. But they realized that due to limited resources, more pressing priorities and a lack of expertise in this area – they needed help. So they turned to ACS.

Indy brought in about $4 million dollars from parking and violations in 2009. After expenses they had about $750,000 left. But now that they have turned to ACS, over the next 50 years the city is expected to receive more then $600 million from its parking program. ACS bears all the expenses and operational risk, meaning that is $600 million for the city to use to make Indianapolis an even better place t live, work and raise a family.

How is ACS able to do that? We’re experts in parking. We use the best parking technology, find efficiencies and maximize revenue based industry-leading best practices and our expertise. We run the parking so local leaders can run the city. Warren Buffett would be proud.

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