25th Anniversary of xerox.com – Some Things Get Better With Age

Imagine being the seventh person in a line of 202 million?  That’s what Xerox was back in 1986 – the seventh company to register a domain name and on January 9, 2011 we proudly celebrate 25 years of xerox.com.

The Internet has transformed nearly everything in our personal and business world — from the way we shop,the way we connect with friends, to defining a new way to conduct business with the world around us.

VeriSign, the first company to register a domain name in March of 1985 (under the name symbolics.com), estimates that today there are 202 million registered domain names in the world.  The company marked the 25th anniversary of dot.com by launching a site www.25yearsof.com.

For Xerox to be one of the first Internet pioneers showcases that we are always on the cutting edge.

We were one of the first companies to enable ecommerce on our site as well as multiple sites in multiple countries and languages.  That innovation continued with global content, messaging and being one of the first to add key online features including personalized customer portals, real-time customer support (live chat), and self-service applications, including meter reads, account inquiries and e-invoices.

Today, xerox.com continues at the forefront of online innovation.  The site centrally serves 161 countries in 21 languages and in November of 2010, the site hit another milestone. In one month, the site experienced 1,037,477 organic search referrals globally – a number that smashed all previous Xerox records.

And — the best is yet to come.

In 2011, the site will become even more interactive and conversational — adding customer ratings and reviews and optimizing more content for mobile.

As broadband speeds continue to increase — real time is the only time that matters and xerox.com will continue to meet that need for information – or conversation — accessible anywhere – anytime.

While time doesn’t stand still — some things do get better with age.

Happy 25th xerox.com!

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