Being an Environmental Leader Starts with Employees

At Xerox Canada, we live in one of the most environmentally-conscious countries in the world. And we always look forward to the release of Xerox’s Report on Global Citizenship Summary and Environmental Health and Safety Report. Why? Because actions speak louder than words, and while we’re a service provider that helps other businesses achieve greener pastures, we take our sustainability goals very seriously.

How did we do for 2010? A few highlights:

  • GHG emissions down 31% since 2009 (way ahead of our target of 25% by 2012!)
  • Water use down 26% from 2002
  • A 92% recycle rate in 2009, up 12% from 2008

Check out the full reports above, or see the Environmental Leader’s coverage for additional details and other accomplishments.

But without our employees, such success would not be possible.

We are particularly proud of the Ontario team members that won the only customer-focused, Xerox Earth Award this past year. The Ontario team used environmental sustainability content to educate other employees and collaborate in a Sustainability Customer Presentation Certification Program, and we officially congratulated them in November 2010 for this accomplishment. They’ve definitely raised the bar for 2011!

Speaking of sustainability in the New Year – have you ever actually calculated yours? Along with our consulting services, we’re regularly working with leaders in many industries to help them assess and understand the true environmental impact of their workplaces through a process we call “office optimization.” Taking a before and after approach to sustainability, there are many variables and factors to consider in optimizing an office – from lifecycle energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, to solid waste and specific outputs of your day-to-day operations. If you’ve never sat down and considered how to meet your sustainability goals from a document perspective, visit our handy Xerox Sustainability Calculator, and you’ll be on your way!


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