Technology Plays Key Role in Improving Document Review in E-Discovery Process

The New York Times had an article the other day talking about the value of using new technology in the e-discovery process, or getting documents ready for trial.

The article details how the increased use of technology is the key to improving the e-discovery process. We at Xerox agree that giving lawyers the additional resources to work smarter will streamline the process as well as save money and increase accuracy.

Xerox recently commissioned a study on e-discovery (results to be released later in March) that show the overwhelming majority of law firms and large corporations view technology as critical to improving the e-discovery process through time and cost savings, as well as improved accuracy.

Law firms and corporations both agree upon the importance of limiting the volume of documents required for manual review and reducing the time spent reviewing documents without compromising accuracy.

Xerox Litigation Services is one of the world’s largest providers of electronic discovery with more than 2 billion pages of hosted data and 20,000 client users. We manage these massive volumes of electronic data with speed, ease and efficiency.

CategoriX is our automated document classification system which has been paying dividends for our clients. Our solutions were developed by lawyers for lawyers to manage the most complex litigation. Our technology and expertise will help lawyers manage e-discovery better.

Randall Burrows, vice president and general manager – Xerox Litigation Services

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