Office Process Changes for a Greener Tomorrow

— by Meagan Bozeman, solid ink sustainability and consumables strategy, Xerox

As you may have read, Andrew Winston, prominent green blogger and bestselling author, recently provided commentary on corporate sustainability programs and how managed print services helps Xerox customers print less. In his third post, Andrew addresses the disconnect between enthusiasm for office green initiatives and the difficulty putting practices into place. He recommends a combination of rules and outsourced management to help your organization and employees walk the talk.

In my experience, one of the first steps in changing actual behavior when implementing green practices is to make it clear what the ROI is in terms of both the planet and the bottom line. Employees who understand that the effective utilization of resources is of paramount importance are more likely to take action. I’ve seen several companies use our sustainability calculator to do before and after scenarios to see potential savings of green initiatives – unearthing data that activates staff (Read more about Xerox’s Sustainability calculator on GreenMonk: The Blog).

I’ve also seen companies successfully drive change by putting prompts in place during an employee’s printing process. Xerox’s solid ink customers have been able to change behavior with software that urges staff to print smarter (See Heather Clancy’s ZDNET GreenTech Pastures blog post). Xerox Print Advisor software educates users with on-screen notifications about simple actions they can take to reduce printing costs and environmental impact. Another benefit? You can keep track of who prints what, so you can give employees extra – to steal Andrew’s term – “nudging.”

Read Andrew’s latest post and let us know how you got your office to act on their green intentions.  In the meantime, enjoy this video on how Alexandra Cousteau and her team at Blue Legacy print responsibly.

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