by: Patricia Calkins Xerox global vice president of Environment, Health, Safety and Sustainability

Fortune Magazine has just released its yearly list of the World’s Most Admired Companies.

The rankings are based on surveys of executives, directors and analysts, rating companies in a number of categories including innovation, people management, and social responsibility.

For a third straight year, Xerox ranked as one of the top companies in the computer industry, and in the category of social responsibility, we’re in the top two.

It’s exciting to be recognized as an industry leader in any category, but social responsibility is one in which we take real pride. Our vision has always been a leader in corporate citizenship and sustainability.

Our history of environmentally responsible practices is well documented. We invented the concept of double-sided printing in 1969. We implemented power down functionality before the founding of Energy Star, which we’re a founding member. Since the 1980s, we implemented supplier side environmental requirements. We even pioneered the practice of remanufacturing, reusing and recycling of office equipment.

Keeping sustainability at the forefront of how we conduct business, we’ve tweaked our business model, now offering customers less printing. With the goal of cutting paper use and energy usage, we suggest customers use less of our traditional product line by outsourcing printing services or utilizing digital documents.

Although sustainability may be a new trend, a greener world has always been a goal and the way we conduct business—in other words, good habits, once established are just as hard to break as are bad habits.

Editor’s Note:

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