Teach A Man To Fish…

by: Richard Klingshirn, executive managing director of Learning Services for ACS, A Xerox Company

I’m in the teaching business, sort of. My “students” aren’t school kids, but employees of large global companies. Their lessons aren’t reading and writing, but how to do their job better. And in these tough economic times you don’t have to be smarter then a fifth-grader to realize you’ve got to find new ways to do things better. That includes getting the most out of employees. And for employees to be effective, employers have to give them up-to-date training, delivered in an efficient and economical manner. To top it all off, that learning must be continuous and reach employees no matter where they are in the world.

I know running those programs can be tough, much less creating a strategy, designing classes and actually delivering them. Unfortunately, many organizations don’t know how much they’re spending on learning and are unable to quantify the value they’re getting from their investment.

At ACS, we understand what companies need from their employees. Our learning business is the largest and oldest in the industry. We work with household names in the financial, airline, automotive, pharmaceutical and wireless industries providing training to millions of their employees around the world. We know that a company’s focus needs to be on what matters most to them – their business.

Clients agree. For the sixth year in a row, ACS was named to the prestigious Baker’s Dozen list of Top Learning Providers compiled by HRO Today magazine. These rankings are based on confidential client surveys. These businesses trust us with their most valuable resource – their employees – and like the job we’re doing.

If you want to know more about how ACS Learning Services can help you get the most out of your employees and get ahead of your competition, listen to this podcast. And if you’re not careful, you might just learn something along the way.

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  1. Brenda Thorpe June 18, 2012 - Reply

    I like your topice teach a man or worman to fish. We will always eat.

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