Roaring in the Desert

By: Derrell James, Group President, ACS Information Technology Outsourcing

Some things do flourish in the desert.

Right in the middle of the Nevada desert, MGM Resorts International is laying a new foundation for the entertainment and hospitality industry. MGM Resorts is now entrusting ACS, A Xerox Company, with its entire information technology infrastructure – with the understanding we’re a proven entity with a history of safely and securing vital information. They expect this five-year deal will be the first in several technology-based developments that will eventually transform the industry.

And there’s something new inside the deal – ACS will establish a Center of Excellence in Las Vegas that will focus the latest innovations on the business challenges facing the entertainment and hospitality industry – a requirement MGM Resorts sought so it can focus on delivering quality entertainment and luxurious facilities to its customers.

MGM needed a partner who knew how to deliver results and invested in its people and its capabilities.  ACS distinguished itself through our proprietary ACS Management Platform – our secret sauce that ensures we seamlessly integrate all IT process to ensure the components are working together. AMP, as we call it, is the foundation of our how we deliver IT services.

It makes sure everything that follows is done correctly – which is essentially what IT does for any business. IT is the skeletal foundation for any business.

A dependable IT infrastructure makes all the trendy news stories possible. It allows the research and development teams to invent the newest app. It allows the engineers to solve the latest business challenge.

And it’s starting to take root in the middle of the desert.

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  1. Scott Teel April 6, 2011 - Reply

    Great summary and laying the ground work for future opportunities within this region.

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