Parking is a Pain

David Cummins, vice president of parking, ACS Transportation Solutions

Parking is not just the time it takes to park, but the time it takes to deal with the process. We’ve all circled the block “cruising” to find available parking, searched under our seats to find loose change for the meter, or found ourselves late because parking turned into more of an ordeal then planned. Or worse, we get a ticket because we don’t get back to the meter in time. Parking doesn’t need to be that difficult.

ACS is helping give people a little more time back in their day. We’re putting sensors in spaces to let us know which spots are open. Then a mobile app can help direct you to that spot. No more cruising.

No change? No worries. New meters accept plastic – the same cards you probably already have in your wallet. It’s just as quick and secure as paying at the gas station or grocery store.

But what if the ball game, meeting or job interview runs long? You can’t duck out to feed the meter – but you can whip out your cell phone right where you are and add more time by pushing a few buttons on your phone.

And sometimes you can even take the time with you. Let’s say you get your errands done in record time or there is no wait at the doctor’s office, but you’ve paid for several hours of time on the meter. If you’re parked at a meter that gives you a receipt to display, you can take that time with you and go run more errands at a different location.

Want to learn more about how ACS is making parking better for cities and drivers? Listen to this podcast to learn more or check out our website.

Safe… and speedy… travels.

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