Help is Just a Phone Call Away

by Derrell James, group president, ACS IT Outsourcing Solutions

The ubiquitous help desk has become a standard of our daily life.

Trouble with your computer: call the 1-800 phone number. Your garage door opener not working , call the 1-800 on the side of the motor. Need a part for a sewing machine: the person at the other end of the 1-800 can help you find it.

Clients of ACS, A Xerox Company, also appreciate the help they can get on the phone. In fact, our clients call our help desks around the world about 1.5 million times every month.  The arithmetic is staggering but we field tens of thousands of calls every day but you would be surprised why our clients are calling.

Sure, we answer calls around the clock regarding commonplace computer and software issues.  A recent report by the analyst firm, Gartner, Inc.  dove a little deeper into our capabilities to reveal some qualities our clients have known for some time.

Gartner also recognized our ability to provide services you might not associate with a help desk.

Did you realize that a company can use a help desk to manage its physical assets such as office equipment and inventory?  Or you can call a help desk to help manage your day-to-day business operations, like ordering office or factory supplies or manage your contracts with vendors?

The advantage of help desks is that they are a ‘one-stop shop’ so you can focus on running your business and focus on what is important to you.

ACS help desk services are explained here:

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  1. worldclock February 7, 2012 - Reply

    Help is Just a Phone Call Away | Real Business at Xerox – just great!

  2. world clock February 7, 2012 - Reply

    Help is Just a Phone Call Away | Real Business at Xerox – just great!

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