Barbara Basney, Vice President, Global Advertising, Xerox

Well, as you’ve seen in Xerox advertising, it’s all about real business.  Michelin is a leader in the tire market since 1832, operating in over 170 countries.  The company’s iconic Michelin Man’s  business is about showing a better way forward with Michelin tires and products.   Xerox borrowed him to be our star in the latest Ready for Real Business ad, giving him the freedom to focus on fighting off The Evil Gas Pump Monsters while Xerox handles Michelin’s accounting and financial processes.

Since 2007, Xerox has provided Michelin with a full suite of financial and accounting solutions, including accounts payable, accounts receivable, fixed assets, and inter-company accounting.   And, we serve Michelin’s global operations in Barcelona, Manila, Sao Palo, Tempe, Juarez, Tianjin China, and soon we’ll be serving its Bangkok Centers of Excellence.    As a result, Michelin’s financial group has standardized processes, reduced costs, and enhanced quality, meeting the company’s global requirements.

With Xerox behind him, the Michelin Man can give full attention to his priorities….. fighting the evil gas pump monsters; oh, and making the most innovative, best performing tires in the industry!    Check out the Michelin Man in action