By: Diego Pereda,  Xerox Social Media Program Manager

I am amazed every time I go into a colleague’s office and ask them for information and they spend several minutes looking in their email inbox for it.  They scroll up and down their inbox and I see they have about a gazillion emails, hundreds of them unopened. I am amazed because I have no idea how they can function, hats off to them.

I keep my inbox to less than 50 emails and all of them opened.

My system is easy, I open a new email as soon as I can, I quickly scan it and then I decide:

Can I delete it?

YES: (delete!)

NO: Do I need to follow up?

YES:  Stays in my inbox

NO: I save it in one of my many .pst  folders

For the emails with which I need to follow up, they stay in my inbox as a reminder that I have to follow up, but as soon as I reply or forward,  the email goes to a .pst folder, unclogging my inbox.  You can say my inbox has become my “to-do” list of sorts.

This little way of treating my email works for me, I do occasionally delete the wrong email or file them in the wrong folder, but my inbox is clean.  I am rarely in mail jail!

Would this little tip work for you?


If it doesn’t, then you may be able to come up with your own system.  As long as you are comfortable with the way your own email is organized, it’s okay.

Do you have any tips for organizing your inbox?

Have you looked at Xerox Business of your Brain app?*

Share your thoughts with me.

*The Business of your Brain app is a fun app that could shed some light on how you are using your time based on your Outlook calendar and email.  Maybe you can stop sending thank you emails to the entire office (And avoid all their replies) and thus have less email in your inbox to delete or file away….


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