Top Ten Reasons Why EVERYONE Should Have an E-ZPass

E-ZPass, the automated toll collection system that lets you bypass traffic and cruise through toll plazas, got a nice shout out from a late night TV icon.

David Letterman says E-ZPass is great since he can pay his tolls monthly instead of stopping at the toll booth every time and paying cash. But on his show, Dave admitted he was recently driving a car that didn’t have a toll tag – it’s called a transponder in tolling parlance — and he drove right through an E-ZPass lane.

Why does this matter to Xerox?  Chalk it up as a “did you know” moment.  Xerox, through our acquisition last year of ACS, is one of the companies behind the scenes in much of the Northeast handling E-Z Pass transactions – processing the accounts, handling the call centers and more.  When drivers come through the tolls with their E-ZPass, Xerox is managing the people, technology and processes to help ensure the right toll is billed to the right driver’s account.

So from us to you, Dave, apology accepted – and while we’re huge fans of your show, our client — the state of New York — will still require you to pay the toll.

Even with the endorsement of David Letterman, ever wonder why there are still lines at the toll booth because of drivers who don’t use E-Z Pass?  Yea, we wonder about that too. So, in honor of Dave, here is our Top Ten List of why everyone should use E-ZPass:

10. E-ZPass is great to get traffic flowing.  Now, if only it could stop political gridlock in Washington, D.C.

9. Shorter drives.  That means carpooling with your neighbor who doesn’t shower after her Bikram yoga class is just a little bit more tolerable.

8. Right now, you are THAT GUY sitting in traffic waiting to pay his toll in cash.

7. It’s easy to use.  Do you get it? E-Z. Yes, it’s a literal interpretation of the brand name.  Doesn’t even have a USB port or need a battery charger.  The ultimate in cloud computing.

6. Searching for quarters in the bottom of your purse while driving 65 mph is just a bad idea.

5. You’re STILL THAT GUY sitting in traffic waiting to pay his toll in cash.

4. You don’t need to slow down (too much), but, sorry Dave, – you can’t go 95 mph either.

3. Less stopping, less idling means less gas use and less pollution.  You just saved money and got a little greener.

2. E-ZPass is in14 states.  32 states in all have similar programs.  Road trip!

And, the NUMBER ONE reason why EVERYONE should have an E-ZPass

1. It’s the legal way to live life in the fast line.


Editor’s Note:

To watch Dave’s E-ZPass monologue, go to 10:16 from his show on Wednesday July  27 and watch for about three and a half minutes. He continues to joke about it at 18:30, 27:45 and 32:40 with his guests and crew.

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  1. Candace Nahrgang July 29, 2011 - Reply

    I agree. Everyone should have any E-ZPass.
    This is so easy. Yes washington needs
    the same for the politcal grid lock! Yes it would
    fix the grid lock of capital hiil if only!

    Candace Nahrgang

  2. Anne Staszewski August 1, 2011 - Reply

    “This video is no longer available” error received. I received a comment on the WebBoard this morning that it is not working.

  3. Sharon Reid DeFlorio August 1, 2011 - Reply

    I’ve had my E-ZPass for several years. Once you experience sitting in holiday or rush hour traffic at any of the Tri-State toll plaza’s, you will realize that E-ZPass is very convenient. With automatic replenishment, it is also simple.

  4. Karen Arena August 1, 2011 - Reply

    Hi Anne:
    Your company’s firewall may not allow you to view the show’s video. You may want to attempt to view it outside a firewall situation.

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