Sponsorships to Help Xerox Shine

This blog has recently highlighted our partners Cirque du Soleil, and Clipper ‘Round the World.  We’ve also just returned from an invigorating, if not exhausting, 16 days at the 2011 US Open.

Have you ever wondered why Xerox has chosen to sponsor these events?

The company’s approach to sponsorship is to show what Xerox is capable of doing for customers behind-the-scenes, while also giving them a “money can’t buy” experience outside of the normal business environment.  We are entertaining and educating clients about services we provide in venues uncommon.  I’m sure you’d agree that events like these aren’t associated immediately with Xerox.  It’s our intention to interrupt traditional thinking about this iconic company.

The US Open conducts vital communications in real time with players, media, fans and staff. Xerox is a reliable partner.  The Open expects flawless execution on delivering the daily drawsheets (player pairing for the next round)  from the crush of real-time information flooding the office.  Xerox delivers.

Cirque du Soleil strives for human excellence and creativity that WOWs its audiences worldwide.  Xerox handles all of Cirque’s document management,  from backstage to the front office, with smooth processes that keep the show flying high.

Xerox is a global partner of Clipper Ventures’ Clipper Round the World Yacht Race, working behind-the-scenes to produce the sponsorship and event packs, and supplying the daily waterproof race charts: which are in great demand on the high seas!

We invite customers to take a close-up look at the processes that make it all happen for these partners —  without incident or interruption.   Each partnership showcases Xerox’s unique specialty in simplifying complicated work, whether on the ground, in theaters or on the ocean.

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