Behind-the-Scenes at the Xerox /Virgin America Ad Shoot

by: Barbara Basney, vice president global advertising, Xerox

I recently spent the most exhilarating 15 hours of my career on a Virgin America Airbus A320. You’re reading right, thrilled to be on an airplane that long because we were shooting the latest commercial in Xerox’s Ready for Real Business campaign. It was exciting bringing to life how Xerox manages Virgin America’s call center operations, so they can focus on running America’s coolest airline.

The commercial, which is scheduled to air in October, will bring to life the Xerox /Virgin America partnership literally through the plane! And, the collaboration on this production was truly a “once in a lifetime” career experience. This was a very large scale and complex shoot — after all, how often do you get access to a working airplane? The team from Virgin America was amazing and supportive: the Virgin America LAX station did interior prep — like seat removal and putting the plane back together; and the expert assigned to Xerox was keeping a watchful eye on the actors playing Virgin America In-Flight Teammates, ensuring they were dressed properly and “acting” appropriately.

That additional bathroom door, specially-designed to allow the passenger to walk through, only to find the Virgin America Call Center — was a FAKE…but it looks incredibly REAL.

As we shot the interior of the airplane call center on 20th Century Fox Studio’s Stage 21 (also known as the Darth Vader Stage), the realism of the set was mind blowing – and an absolutely perfect representation of how a call center would appear if one really existed at the tail of this plane.

What really does exist is a partnership that allows Virgin America to focus on providing a superior travel experience for their guests. But we assure you , there won’t be any call centers on your next flight!

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  1. Rick Bonti September 22, 2011 - Reply

    Xerox features another happy and successful customer! Who knew Xerox managed Virgin Atlantic’s call center? Xerox can make any company even better!

  2. David September 26, 2011 - Reply

    I have a xerox 8560 MFP the fax does not work and your service dept tells me that because it is a digital line you don’t support it. I borrowed a Sharp and it works fine. Your machine is broken and this is the level of support to expect? Send out a techincian and replace the fax board, I have already replaced two main boards and it is less than a year. Please replace this ASAP Serial number CXF350949 303-699-8840

    • Karen Arena September 27, 2011 - Reply

      Hi David:
      Sorry to hear you’re having trouble, and we’ll forward your issue to Support.

  3. aaron October 22, 2011 - Reply

    any idea of the name of the male actor who plays the passenger who opens the door to find the call center in the plane? i think he was a neighbor of mine in the past year. thanks.

  4. erinisselmann April 16, 2012 - Reply


    I can’t approve your comment as it is written because you utilize language that doesn’t meet the guidelines for our blog. Please feel free to resubmit and remove the language and then I will approve.

    Erin Isselmann

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