Efficiency is keeping it simple.

If process and simplification are the first steps toward understanding an area, then many organizations have a ways to go in terms of content management.

In a recent article, InformationWeek shared results of their Content Management in the Enterprise Survey of 425 business technology professionals.  The survey shows that most companies do not have a content management strategy. Specifically, 48 percent of respondents say one does not exist and only 36 percent indicate their organization does have a strategy, while 16 percent say they don’t know if they have a strategy at all.

What’s most interesting about the survey is why professionals are hoarding data.  Almost half of the respondents say they don’t get rid of data because a business user might need it, 25 percent say we might violate a compliance requirement or regulation by deleting and 23 percent indicate it might be relevant to an ongoing or anticipated legal action.

The reasons above sound like the approach I use when preparing for tax day; just save everything.  Around, the first of each year I begin the process of grabbing whatever documents I think my tax preparer may need and put it in a drawer. Nothing is thrown out of fear my tax preparer will ask for something I should have.

But thankfully out of chaos comes order.

When it’s time to settle up with the government, I grab the contents of my drawer and let my tax preparer determine which pieces of information I need and don’t need.   

However, for those who manage data for companies, there are better methods than “keep it all till next year.”  Our own DocuShare technology can save companies time spent finding information by 80 percent.  DocuShare is an intuitive interface that accepts content such as paper, digital files, video, and images that is managed virtually in a secure centralized repository. 

Instead of saving information your company may or may not need; why not use technology like DocuShare that lets users access, share and process information in just a few clicks?

Sometimes efficiency is just keeping it simple.

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