Transportation Made Simple Around the Globe

By Cecile Thirion, marketing director for Transportation Solutions at ACS, A Xerox Company

We recently returned from the 18th ITS World Congress, a gathering of transportation and businesses leaders from sixty countries sharing new and cutting-edge technologies that can help solve transportation challenges around the globe.

While it’s has never been easier to travel all over the world, movement within cities can be very challenging. Problems caused by traffic congestion, the need for sustainable transportation solutions and keeping the economy moving were common themes we heard at the conference. And this was before our world added our seven billionth person.

But there are answers to help simplify the customer and commuter experience.

With ACS’ innovative mobility solutions, transit riders can board with the tap or wave of their credit or debit card in New Jersey, drivers in Los Angeles have an easier time finding a parking space and the transit authorities in Lima, Peru provide real time passenger information to eight million citizens.

Intrigued? Think these ideas can help your daily commute? Watch our videos on innovation with transportation experts on our virtual event to see what the future of transportation will be like, and in some places, is like today.  We’re working to make your transportation experience simpler, and even enjoyable.

How about you? What do you believe are the toughest challenges facing the transportation planners who are helping 7 Billion people get to where they need to go?

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