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Guest Blogger – Laurie Riedman

We are a photo obsessed population.  Perhaps it’s the rise of social media (gotta share that cute snap shot of the kids) or the fact that many of us carry smart phones that have pretty good cameras – but we are a generation that likes to take (and share) lots of photos.   A recent survey conducted of visitors to Digital Photography School  found that the majority take between 50 – 250 photos a week.   

Whether photography is your passion or your profession — this adds up making the  task of finding a photo when you need it downright impossible.

The way I see it– unless you employ a photo management software program (or are my neat and organized neighbor  I affectionately call Martha S)  — it will take hours to find that perfect  family shot suitable for your holiday card because you will probably have to manually view  thousands of images with names like IMG 4795.jpeg; IMG 4796.jpeg; IMG 4798.jpeg …   

The good news is that Xerox imaging scientists have created four new tools that simplify finding, organizing and analyzing images.  You can view a short video that gives you a sneak peek at two of the tools  (Similar Image Search and Aesthetic Image Search) or check out the press release.

And added bonus is that you can take the tools for a test drive by visiting Open Xerox, a website that allows customers to demo new inventions and provide feedback. 

I hope you’ll take a moment to check them out and provide valuable feedback that could help Xerox fine tune these tools so they can become products and services soon.

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