How Ursula Burns Reinvented Xerox

by Erin Isselmann, Xerox Public Relations

Fast Company magazine just published a feature story on Xerox CEO, Ursula Burns and how her life experience, style, and passion for Xerox shaped the transformation of our company.   Some key highlights from the article:

  • Burns’s career provides a business lesson in uncertain times.   There was no room for nostalgia when trying to ensure that Xerox would have a bright future. 
  • Burns’s career demonstrates that you don’t need to be an outsider to save the day.   The value of institutional knowledge and respect from your peers are strong assets that are often overlooked.
  • Xerox’s acquisition of ACS was part of a shift initially driven by Xerox customers to help them manage large, complex business processes. 

What did you take away from the article?

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